First there was the £300k exclusive only-three-to-be-made Nintendo Wii that saw the console smothered in 2,500 grams of 22 carat gold and 78 diamonds super-glued to the front buttons.

Then came the gold plated PlayStation 3. 

That's right, the Goldstriker team, guilty of previously producing a £1.92 million iPhone Supreme, three £139,995 iPod touch Supremes, and most recently the £300k Nintendo Wii Supreme have turned their Midas-tinged sights to the PS3.

The PS3 Supreme (no doubt to be followed soon by the Xbox 360 Supreme, unless someone makes them stop) covers the same gold-plated ground as the previous blinged-up consumer electronics, this time round boasting around 1600 grams of solid 22 carat gold.

In addition to the precious metal, there's also 26 carat's worth of diamonds, all of which took 12 weeks of "unambiguous workmanship", whatever that means, to superglue together.

The upside is that only three PS3 Supremes will be made, with the cost for such an exclusive item coming in at £199,995.