Sony Computer Entertainment has announced an extension to its Playstation Home social gaming environment, called "Sodium One", which has just gone live.

Users can step into a Sodium "Teleporter" located in the PlayStation Home Central Plaza, and they'll be whisked over to a brand new area with more social games set in a technological future, themed around a battle between harmony with the environment and survival.

As with other bits of Playstation Home, you can share the whole thing with your friends, inviting them for virtual drinks, and customising your avatar with special Sodium clothing and accessories.

We don't have a PS3 to hand to try it out, but if you've had a look, we'd love to hear what you think in the comments box below.

UPDATE: You'll also soon also be able to download an English Pub to sit in, created by VEEMEE. It's not a bad reconstruction - boxes of crisps behind the bar and everything. Check it out.