Sony Ericsson has hinted that it could launch a "PS3" app similar to that found on the Sony Ericsson Aino handset launched earlier in the year for the Android OS, when the company's new Xperia X10 handset launches in February.

"It makes a lot of sense for it to be on other handsets", said Christopher David, head of developer and partner engagement at Sony Ericsson, before backing up that statement with an "it should be expected".

It is not certain at this time whether an app, if developed, would be restricted to the X10 and Nexus UX platform or be available to all Android handsets, but could mean that phone users opting for devices sporting the Google Android OS could access their PlayStation 3 and stream content to their phone from around the world, in a similar way to the Sony Ericsson phone or the PSP console.

The phone, which packs the same DLNA and wireless connectivity as the Aino, before building on the specs with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and 4-inch screen, would be a perfect hardware device for such an app, something that David acknowledges.

"For it to work you would need wireless and DLNA connectivity," said David, after we tried to lure more than an "it's possible" answer from the man, when asked to engage in the new Sony Ericsson Nexus UX platform for the X10.

As for other apps to expect in the future? David was keeping quiet, however we did get a chuckle and acknowledgement of a "good question asked" as to whether Sony Ericsson's Play Now store, that allows users to download movies and music, would get an Android app of its own.

"You never know", was the official response with a wry smile.