Panasonic has launched a new viral game to support the advertising campaign for its Lumix camera range.

Lumix World Golf is the latest in the series of successful virals from the company, and follows last year's award-winning Lumix "Temple of Zoom", which pulled in 1.5 million unique visitors.

The new game communicates the two main unique features of the range – its 10x optical zoom and 28mm wide angle lens. The game also needed to capture Panasonic's new advertising platform "Everything Matters".

The Lumix World Golf Game game is based around an 18-hole game of crazy golf played across nine world heritage site locations across the world - including the Great Wall of China and the Golden Gate Bridge – with two holes played at each.

As with a usual game of golf, the aim is to get through the holes using as few shots as possible, notchin up extra points for things like birdies or three pars in a row.

Players can view the holes to be played in 3-D and zoom in and out to line their angle up for the best possible shot. There are prizes to be won for the highest scorers.

The game is available now - head on over and try it out. You might even win some goodies. Bargain.