Graphics card maestro Nvidia has announced that its 3D Vision technology will be arriving in Europe in May. The tech aims to bring 3D to computer screens with the use of high-frequency displays and special goggles.

The kit, which includes a pair of the 3D vision glasses, will cost £130 but you'll also need a display capable of 120Hz output. Most displays only reach 75Hz or so, so you can pick up a Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ 120Hz LCD monitor bundled with the 3D Vision package for £399.

Other compatible monitors include Samsung and Viewsonic pure 120Hz LCD desktop monitors, Mitsubish DLP 1080p HDTVs and Lightspeed Design's DepthQ 3D HD Projector. Oh, and you'll also need a decent CUDA-compatible graphics card too - as the computer will be drawing twice the number of frames as normal.

Arguably, despite a long history of attempts at 3D in games, no-one's ever really managed to do it well. It remains to be seen whether Nvidia can change that with 3D Vision, especially as it only currently works with PC games. We'll keep you posted on its success.