The world's largest winter wonderland is now in Minecraft

Nvidia has partnered with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity to create the biggest winter wonderland ever, all built in Minecraft.  (image credit: Nvidia)
No winter wonderland would be complete without a brightly and colourfully lit Christmas tree. (image credit: Nvidia)
There are plenty of things to explore in the virtual wonderland. Including numerous nooks and crannies worth poking around in.  (image credit: Nvidia)
What's not to love about a giant snowman complete with a Santa hat and an enormous present? (image credit: Nvidia)
It's a most wonderful time of year. Even better when you don't have to go out into the freezing cold to see a snowman. Even one that someone else constructed. (image credit: Nvidia)
Work your way through the winter wonderland and find a factory stocked with presents and little workers busying themselves for Christmas.  (image credit: Nvidia)
The views are complete with the London Eye reimagined in Minecraft form.  (image credit: Nvidia)
The winter wonderland is split across three giant snowglobes. One you case the top of one of them in this shot.  (image credit: Nvidia)
The settings within the three globes include a winter wonderland, Santa's village and a winter environment.  (image credit: Nvidia)
You'll even find hidden attractions like this penguin postal service. a petting zoo tent, with playable storylines and missions from Santa.  (image credit: Nvidia)
Poke around enough and you'll find the home of Santa Claus. Just don't disturb him as he's a busy chap this time of year.  (image credit: Nvidia)
There's even a virtual rollercoaster and a frozen ice skating lake. So plenty to admire.  (image credit: Nvidia)
Keep an eye out while you're exploring as you'll also find hidden treats like Easter Egg tributes to classic Christmas films. (image credit: Nvidia)
Adventure across frozen lakes and through snow-covered parts of the world to discover all that's on offer.  (image credit: Nvidia)
As you'd expect from an Nvidia crafted environment the RTX Winter World takes full advantage of ray tracing. (image credit: Nvidia)
It's the small details that make it really shine. Like the individually lit windows and carefully constructed buildings.  (image credit: Nvidia)
Don't forget this is all for the children. So donate to the charity if you can.  (image credit: Nvidia)