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(Pocket-lint) - For a while now Nvidia has been pushing the message that "frames win games" with the idea that higher FPS equals more wins for the gamer.

With the right equipment, including a high-end graphics card (naturally) and a fast-refresh rate gaming monitor, gamers can get the edge over the competition and win more often. 


Recently the gaming tech giant has also been pushing the idea that system latency can have a big impact too. Latency caused by your system, your monitor and your peripherals can all add up to a poor experience and one that could be the reason you're not winning and missing those shots you thought you should have got. 

Latency is the time it takes for your mouse clicks to appear as in-game actions (e.g. firing a gun). Several things can negatively impact the time this takes to happen and a poor responsiveness can really ruin your fun. 

Nvidia Reflex has been one way Nvidia has been helping gamers tackle this issue but now it wants to show you just what difference latency can have on your gaming. If you get involved, you could be in a chance with winning some pretty heavy-weight gaming prizes including graphics cards, high-refresh rate monitors and more!

From 14 December for a week, KovaaK's Aim Trainer is free to play. Launch that game and you'll find an Nvidia Experiments option buried in the settings there. Jump into that and you can then try out the mode to feel what latency feels like and the impact it has on your skills. You'll need a GeForce 900 series GPU or newer to take part but you'll be able to compare your scores with influencers and others in the leaderboards. 

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This experiment forces certain levels of latency into the game to show you how much impact it has. Try your aim under the various modes and see how you score. Then submit your scores. Just taking part sets you up with a chance of winning one of the prizes, so it's worth doing for that alone. 

How to play the Nvidia Experiments mode

Download and launch KovaaK's Aim Trainer from Steam. Once launched you should see "Nvidia experiments" on the main menu in the middle of the screen. Click that and then create and login to your Meta account. 

You can then try the Latency Flicking and Latency Frenzy modes to test your aim and attempt to get a high score. You don't need a high score in order to be in with a chance of winning though and 27 people will be randomly selected to win a prize. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.