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(Pocket-lint) - Fortnite fans playing on PC are set to get a treat in the form of improved visuals from 17 September with Nvidia introducing Ray Tracing support for the game. 

Fortnite is getting some nice visual upgrades and performance boosts thanks to the addition of technologies like DLSS and Nvidia Reflex

Gamers can expect to see better ray-traced reflections, enhanced shadows and impressive global illumination tweaks when playing in future. Assuming you have the right equipment of course. 

Fortnite is getting a similar treatment to Control - another game which makes the most of Nvidia's Ray Tracing tech. The new effects mean you'll see more realistic reflections on the surface of the water in the game, enhanced shadows throughout the map that change dynamically with the day time changes in the game, better Ambient Occlusion and more. 

If you have the latest RTX Nvidia graphics cards you'll also see some performance boosts thanks to DLSS tech which uses artificial intelligence to boost your FPS while still generating beautiful and crisp visuals.

As well as visual improvements, Nvidia users will also be getting support for Nvidia Reflex with the new update, meaning you should see a latency reduction and be able to acquire enemy targets faster, react quicker and get the upper hand too.

Expect to see a patch for Fortnite on 17 September with Ray Tracing support and possibly some new Nvidia drivers as well. 

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Writing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 16 September 2020.
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