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(Pocket-lint) - Back in March, Nvidia announced a set-top-box that it believes will take on both conventional living room games consoles and streaming solutions, such as Google's Nexus Player and the Apple TV, but it seems that it has even greater plans for such a device than previously thought.

The Nvidia Shield will essentially be a version of its Shield Tablet, capable of running the same specially-developed Android games, streaming Grid cloud games in 1080p60, and accessing entertainment services such as Netflix, but with a HDMI output rather than a screen.

It will also be more powerful than the current Tablet, yet work with the same Shield Controller and be able to stream and therefore play games stored on a separate PC on a main TV.

Now it looks like a second model will join the first, with even greater ambitions.

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We know this because Amazon accidentally posted a listing for the Nvidia Shield Pro before whipping it back off the retailer's US site. Thankfully, its removal was not before some of the more eagle-eyed members of our global community managed to get a couple of grabs for proof.

Amazonnvidia shield pro edition leaks on amazon android tv box with 500gb storage image 2

As far as we can tell at the moment, the difference between the Shield and Shield Pro boxes will be the size of the storage. The latter was listed on Amazon as coming with a 500GB HDD.

That means it will be able to store plenty of games and/or video files. And considering one of the features previously announced was the ability to play and output 4K footage, that could very well come in handy.

The general Shield box is expected to hit the US first (and soon) for around $199, while the Shield Pro is rumoured to cost $299. Both are also expected to come to the UK later.

Writing by Rik Henderson.