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(Pocket-lint) - Mad Catz revealed in October that its MOJO console will eventually feature PC game streaming capability, available through a software update sometime shortly after launch. Now we have more word on how that might work.

Alex Verrey, Mad Catz's global PR director, revealed to Engadget that the company may be using Nvidia's help for the PC-to-TV streaming feature. Verrey said: "We're talking to Nvidia and we hope to enable GameStream soon after the launch of the console," while speaking at Expand NY over the weekend. 

Verrey wouldn't confirm yet that the partnership will happen. More partnerships may also be pursued - and there was also mention of Steam. "We're also very excited for Steam and we look at all these opportunities with interest," the PR head said.

Nvidia GameStream is only available on its Android-based Shield handheld, and if an expansion to MadCatz's MOJO was to materialise, it would mark GameStream's first venture to a third-party. GameStream allows users to stream games from their PC with "ultra-low latency", so you could see why this would be welcomed on the MadCatz console. GameStream currently supports roughly 50 Windows PC games, including Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and Borderlands 2.

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The Mad Catz MOJO, unveiled at E3 2013 and powered by Android, will be priced at $249.99/£219.99 when it lands globally on 10 December. Unlike rivals such as the GameStick, Ouya and Green Throttle, the MOJO console is compatible with many thousands of applications found on Google's general Play app marketplace.

Writing by Jake Smith.