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(Pocket-lint) - Nvidia has come up with something genuinely exciting in the gaming world with the announcement of Project Shield, a totally Android-based games console that looks like an all-in-one game controller.

The real trick of the Shield though is its interaction with the PC. Nvidia has turned the controller into a media streamer that lets you play games from your desktop on your TV.

So your desktop streams the PC game over Wi-Fi to the controller, which in turn plays it on your TV or the attached 5-inch screen. The controller even runs Steam. Think of it like a Wii U for the PC gamer, making it finally possible to easily hook up your PC to your big screen TV in the living room.

The controller is the console, with a Tegra 4 chip inside and a HDMI out on the bottom of the device so it can connect it to your TV. The controller can also be used with a 5-inch, 720p display that plugs into the top of it. There is also a microSD slot and an audio out, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack.

Inside is a set of batteries to keep the whole thing ticking over, providing 5-10 hours of gameplay. The controller sports some powerful speakers which Nvidia says are on par with something like a Jambox.

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The controller console combo runs on a pure version of Android. It was demoed hooked up over HDMI to a 4K LG TV. You can use all the normal Android functionality with the controller, such as listening to music or browsing on the Android store. Nvidia even played a 4K video using the device and it ran without a hitch.

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The 5-inch display will mirror whatever is shown on the HDMI out and is touch sensitive, making for a tablet-like Android experience. The console is essentially a replacement for the set-top box or Apple TV, but with Android gaming thrown in and a proper controller.

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This is a real first for Nvidia, though we doubt Ouya is going to be hugely happy about it. This, Tegra 4 and Nvidia Grid, a cloud-based gaming system, make for quite a show from Nvidia at CES. No pricing or release dates yet on the Shield, but we can't wait.

UPDATE: Nvidia tells us the device is running on Jelly Bean and that it should start turning up around Q2 this year in the US

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 16 April 2013.