Kal-El is gradually creeping towards its arrival, bringing with it a newly formed quad-core based smartphone and tablet wars. 

As of yet there is very little on exactly what Kal-El will be capable of short of a rather shiny video demo that showed off proper dynamic lighting.

Technical demos are all well and good but they do not necessarily reflect a decent platform, it is the software that will make Kal-El exciting. Enter Sprinkle, the first app set to make an appearance in optimised form on Kal-El hardware. Think of it like the smoother version of Infinity Blade that came with the iPad 2 arrival.

Sprinkle involves using a water cannon to do things like fight fires and solve puzzles. The key is that it is all very physics-heavy. This means it needs something like a Tegra 2 or better still Kal-El setup to allow the game to run smoothly. Mediocre plans on upping graphics when Kal-El eventually arrives to better show off the processor's capabilities.

Expect to pay £1.21 for Sprinkle, with an update when Kal-El is released. 

Excited about Kal-El? We want to know..