Nvidia's Tegra chip has brought with it some serious power to the mobile gaming world. Console quality graphics are now a real possibility on the tablet or mobile, with portables often getting surpassed by the smartphone. 

Madfinger games's Shadowgun is about as good as it gets graphics-wise. Dynamic lighting, complex shadows and as you can see from the above trailer, darn good fire effects, are all order of the day. The only app that really comes close to this is Infinity Blade.

Currently Android tablets powered by Tegra 2 are looking to get an optimised version of Shadowgun on its release. The developers are also working on a even more enhanced version of the game based on Nvidia's quad core Kal-El processor. The more cores the better it seems when it comes to tablet gaming, with this recent video showing off the graphical prowess of Nvidia's inbound processors being mighty impressive. 

No confirmed release date as of yet for Shadowgun, until then Tegra 2 users desperate to push their processors will have to make do with games found in the dedicated Tegra Zone app. 

Tegra 2? Or are you waiting for more cores on your processor?