A NES game has just gone under the hammer for $20,100 on eBay in what is thought to be the most expensive video game ever sold.

The Nintendo Campus Challenge cartridge for the Nintendo Entertainment System was used during a national video game tournament Nintendo hosted in 1991 according to the auction blurb and gives its new owner, bidder p***s, the chance to play Super Mario Bros 3, Pin-Bot, and Dr. Mario against the clock.

Produced only for the event and presumed destroyed, the game is unique because it gives you one score for playing all three games based on a timer system.

The Campus challenges saw winners from each of the 58 locations sent to Orlando Florida to compete for the crown of National Champion at Disney World (think 80's movie The Wizard with Fred Savage).

Unlike the Nintendo World Championships held previously where Nintendo gave winner's copies of the special cartridges, the Campus Challenge cartridges were supposed to be destroyed.

It is the only copy known to exist.