It's not yet official, but it's looking increasingly certain that Nintendo's motion-sensing Wii games console is about to get a price cut.

In America the bog-standard console sells for $249.99, but after this weekend will be offered at $199.99. Converted at today's rate, this will see the machine sold for the equivalent of £121.65.

This information comes via an internal leak at Best Buy, in which a staff memo says the price cut will be announced on 25 September but not go into effect until the 27th.

Here in the UK, the Nintendo Wii - bundled with Wii Sports - sells for £179.99. The PS3 Slim is £249, while Xbox's cheapest model - the Arcade - recently saw a price increase to £159.99.

We've asked Nintendo for comment, but it "does not comment on rumour and speculation". We will keep you posted.