Elonex is to launch what it says is the world's first TV games dock, the iGAME FAMILY, that plays non-app iPod content as well as apes the Nintendo Wii.

Designed in the UK, the iGAME is described as a "convergence product that takes the best functionality from an iPod dock and combines it with the best functionality of a wireless games console to create a home entertainment system that is fun for all the family".

A dock that connects up to a big screen TV, it comes complete with a 2.4GHz wireless motion-sensitive controller and will charge a docked 'pod product.

With a "Made for iPod" sticker, the unit will launch without the ability for iPhone apps to be accessed via the dock, although users will be able to browse through their iPhone or iPod's content to play music, videos, podcasts and movie rentals on their TV.

An application that will allow apps to be played directly on the television via the iGAME device is "intended" to be available as a free download later in the year.

In the meantime, iGAME is playing fast and loose with Apple's strict approval process by offering its own games with 20 free ones bundled that include Wii Sports-esque efforts.

More games are due to be available soon priced from 99p to £4.99, the company promises, as the SDK for iGAME has been released.

The iGAME FAMILY should be on sale now for £79 from HMV with other retailers getting in on the act from around the end of September.