Latest sales figures indicate that Nintendo has obliterated the competition in Britain, and that one in every six people in the UK owns a Nintendo DS, with one in eleven having bought a Wii.

This year alone, the motion-sending Wii has shifted 800,000 units, and the DSi has sold 370,000. The DS Lite, which is now obsolete, isn't going anywhere, having moved 680,000 since the start of the year. The figures have been corrected from earlier estimates.

As a result, the installed base of consoles, starting at week 31 of the year, runs to 5.5 million Wiis, 1.6 million of the original DS, 7.5 million DS Lites, and 370,000 DSis. The UK population is slightly under 61 million, so rudimentary maths brings that to 15.5% of the population owning a DS of some sort, and 9% with a Wii.

Impressive stats for Nintendo, but compared to the upgrades being delivered to the Xbox 360 and PS3, the Wii has remained fairly unchanged since its release. How will the company approach the next five years?