Koch Media has announced that it's releasing software for the Nintendo DS that'll function as a "Gardening Guide", approved by the Royal Horticultural Society.

The company says that it's "more of a guide than a game", and allows you to either plan a real garden, or simulate a garden if you're stuck in a 40-year waiting list for an allotment in North London. It has an encyclopaedia of over 400 plants commonly grown in the UK.

There's tips for how and where different plants can be grown, introduced by a "virtual gardener" called Paul. Every time you turn on the game, he'll be there with advice about a plant or offering a gardening quiz. There's an inbuilt calendar too, which will remind you of watering and other tasks to do in your green paradise.

Guy Barter, from the Royal Horticultural Society, told Pocket-lint: "This is a funky and fun guide to gardening basics, just right for beginner and younger gardeners, and it will amuse all gardeners. It's like having a gardening friend in your pocket offering help and tips on how to care for your plants and reminding you what you should be doing at different times of year".

The Gardening Guide costs £18 at the time of writing from Play.com, and will be released on 14 August.