Nintendo is "not worried at all" by the competition from Microsoft and Sony's recently revealed motion-sensing controllers.

In fact, Nintendo's veteran games producer, Shigeru Miyamoto, who helped create Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong, told the BBC the company was "flattered" by the new developments.

"The fact that both of those companies are looking at getting the gamer off the couch, taking advantage of motion control, and getting them to control the game by moving their body shows that they have looked at what we have done with Wii", Miyamoto said.

"And now they are moving in the same direction. To that end we are very flattered".

Miyamoto also said that he did not think Microsoft's Project Natal, where your whole body is the controller, and Sony's unnamed motion controller that works with the PlayStation EyeToy had as much "depth" at Nintendo's solution.

"Based on the announcements we've seen here [from Microsoft and Sony] they are still in the initial stages and are trying to create experiences that at this point don't seem like they have the type of depth that we're able to provide with Wii Motion Plus".