The Nintendo Wii has made it into the list of top 20 items on young couples' wedding lists, says department store John Lewis.

In what's being reported as a sign-of-the-times type story, it seems wedding lists are becoming more high tech wish lists than essentials needed to set up home.

The main reason for this is said to be that nowadays couples generally live together before they get married, so have usually accumulated the necessary crockery, kitchen equipment and linen.

While John Lewis highlights Wiis, it seems the retailer has also seen a rise in high def TVs and speaker docks being requested, while Debenhams says after cash or vouchers, iPods and TVs are on the rise.

Tracey Yates, senior analyst, Gift List at John Lewis, told the Telegraph: "Two years ago, the top 20 products on the Gift List were exclusively traditional items from linens, kitchenware, china and glass but, in the second half of last year, the Wii sports pack made it to the top 20".