Mobile phone game "iDonkeyKong" has launched for the iPhone and iPod touch, created by developer VeryGames.

A clone of Nintendo's classic platformer Donkey Kong, it's not official, and as the Pocket-Gamer blog points out, will likely be yanked very soon.

Nintendo's lawyers will no doubt be on the phone to Apple's Cupertino office as soon as they get wind of it, which raises questions about Apple's App Store approval process.

Apple has made headlines in the past for its seemingly inconsistent approval process - criticised for refusing certain apps for what's seen as flimsy reasoning.

This 59p game - available to download now, but likely not for long - seems a strange one to get the go-ahead - unless of course the Apple admin bod stamping approval was too young to realise it's a rip off of a classic game from the early Eighties.