Nintendo has announced a new release date for its delayed DS game, Walk with Me!

Originally due for release in February, the game, complete with two "Activity Meters" will now be released on 5 June.

The included Activity Meters are specially-designed pedometers which measure your daily steps minute by minute, with the ability to store data for up to 7 days.

You can set your own daily walking target, with a basic setting of 3000 steps to start you off. There are also mini-games to help motivate you, and you can trade in steps walked to unlock new games to play.

To track your progress, data is transferred from the Activity Meter to your Nintendo DS via infrared signal, with the ability to store and compare data for up to four users.

You can also compare your walking rankings with users worldwide, with the table being updated every Sunday.

No price has yet been confirmed but we'll get it to you when we have it.