Nintendo has revealed its spring/summer line-up of games for the Nintendo Wii and the Nintendo DS family - including the soon to be launched DSi.

"Rhythm Paradise", music-themed mini-games, will launch on 1 May for the DS, and uses the stylus to tap, flick or slide the touchscreen in time with a rhythm or cue.

The 22 May will see the launch of Pokemon Platinum Version for the DS that offers wireless play for up to 20 players and is described as an "epic adventure", set in the Pokemon world's Sinnoh region.

Also due in May is "Punch-Out!!" for the Wii that promises Wii-motion ducking and weaving action for wannabe Wii pugilists.

Other releases for the Wii include the "NEW PLAY CONTROL!" series that sees classic games reinvented to take advantage of Wii's motion-sensing capabilities that will include Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

Also launching in April are Nintendo Points Cards - the new incarnation of Wii Points - available to buy via the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop as well as in actual shops.

The DSi launches on 3 April and we will keep you posted on other big Nintendo launches.