This week's WiiWare offers up two very different sporting games, with the choice of shooting down slopes in Snowboard Riot, or testing your aim in Beer Pong: Frat Party Games.

Snowboard Riot will cost 1000 Wii Points, and will see you guiding your character down the slopes while snatching up items to both attack and defend against your rivals.

The game will be compatible with the Wii Balance Board, and up to four players will be able to battle against each other in various ranking modes via the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection.

Coming in slightly cheaper at 800 Wii Points is Beer Pong: Frat Party Games. For those of you who may not have played beer pong, the aim is to score points by throwing ping pong balls into paper cups.

You'll get bonuses for consecutive shots and be able to play with up to four players in a team.

The game has a Speed Pong mode which allows three challengers to compete at the same time. Doing what it says on the tin, the aim is to be fast and get your ball into the last cup, first. You'll have plenty of ways to slow your opponents down as well - hoorah for sportsmanship.

Head over to the Wii Shop if you fancy trying your hand at either of these games - they're available now.