A new controller for the Wii has appeared on Nintendo's Japanese website, which looks to provide those who love the Wii but hate the Wiimote with yet another option.

The Classic Controller Pro is very similar to the Classic Controller, but features handle grips and two rows of shoulder buttons, not worlds apart from the PlayStation DualShock pad.

The controller is set for a summer release in Japan, which means we may very well see it on European shores in time for Christmas. However, as yet it's not been confirmed for any other territories.

In case you can't quite make it out on the picture, the controller has a total of eight multi-purpose buttons, as well as Select, Home and Start, a D-Pad and two analogue directional sticks.

It will of course feature all the wireless capabilities of the Wiimote and original Classic Controller, but with just that little more stability and grip when precision is of the essence.

More on this when we get it.