Nintendo has announced it will launch the Nintendo DSi in Europe on 3 April 2009, 2 days before America is due to get the handheld console.

The new DSi looks very similar to the current version, but is slightly thinner, a matter of grams lighter and charges slightly quicker.

The main difference with the new version is the DSi will have two 3.25-inch screens (17% larger than the current model) and will get a .3-megapixel camera built-in.

Pictures taken with the DSi will be able to be saved down to SD card and then viewed on your television via the Wii.

With a built-in browser, users can download games - "DSiWare" - via an online store and save them to SD too.

The audio has also been given a tweak, with the ability to adjust the pitch and playback of sound.

The Nintendo DSi will be available in black or white, it seems UK pricing will be around the £150 mark with HMV offering pre-orders for £146.80 with free delivery.