Have you seen this man? Japanese police searching for a man involved in a hit-and-run incident have prepared a wanted poster using the Mii feature on Nintendo's Wii console.

Rather than using the traditional methods such as photofit software to appeal for information from the public about a criminal, police officers decided to hop on a Wii and create a cartoon-like image of the suspect instead.

The Mii feature allows Wii users to create customised characters by choosing features such as face shape, eye colour, hair style and facial expression. This character can then be used in games such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit, and also to catch criminals, apparently.

The poster, which shows a man with long brown hair, sunglasses and killer cheekbones, has been posted at the scene of the collision in Kanagawa to help jog people's memory, along with a picture of the type of car involved.

Do you think you could be tracked down by your Mii?