Activision has announced six titles in the UK as part of its new "FUN4ALL" range designed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.

The developer says the child-friendly collection offers "something the whole family can enjoy" and will be on sale from 13 February.

An Activision spokesperson said: "Parents can feel reassured that buying a game from the FUN4ALL range will be safe, enjoyable and provide entertainment for children of any age".

The FUN4ALL range includes "Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard’s Booty- Set", promising timber-shivering challenges while "Monkey Mischief" includes chimp-themed mini-games.

"Block Party" lets gamers take on friends in 20 challenges, "Pitfall: The Big Adventure" is about a treasure hunter and "Little League World Series Baseball" no doubt gets the rules of rounders all wrong.

Finally Wii Sports fans will no doubt like "World Championship Sports" that includes tennis, basketball, football, hockey, lacrosse and ice hockey.