Reports from Japan have suggested that Nintendo has announced the development of a new Wii Channel called the Wii Fit Body Check Channel

The program, sponsored by NEC, Panasonic and Hitachi will be on hand to give you tips on how to best work out, as well as connect to the Internet and send your Wii Fit player data to health professionals.

Each of the channel's sponsors is developing specialised services that will be made available in April.

Panasonic's system, Plissimo Sigusa, will be offered to health organisations and insurance companies, while NEC's offering will take the form of a health support system for NEC Group employees, allowing them to regularly check up on their health through the Wii Fit Body Check Channel. NEC is also planning to offer this service externally as well.

As well as your Wii Fit data, the Wii Fit Body Check Channel program will support user walking data from Nintendo's Lifestyle Rhythm DS game.

Whether we'll see this outside of Japan remains to be seen, but considering the popularity of Wii Fit across the globe it certainly seems viable that we'll see some incarnation of it, perhaps with different services. We'll keep you updated.