This week's Virtual Console update brings two new classics to the Wii.

First up is the Nintendo 64 classic Mario Golf, a golfing simulator packed with fourteen playable characters from the Super Mario universe, each has their own power and swing style.

To help you out, you can taunt your opponents to put them off as you power through six different courses, while ten different modes including Tournament, Speed Gold and Mini Golf should keep you occupied.

Mario Golf features single player and multi-player modes up to four people, and will set you back 1000 Wii Points.

However you may prefer Sega Master System's Wonder Boy in Monster Land, which is also up for grabs for 500 Wii Points.

You play as Wonder Boy trying to bring Wonder Land back to its glory days after being overcome by a swarm of monsters and an "invincible" fire-breathing dragon.

Now known as Monster Land, Wonder Boy must defeat the monsters that have overcome his kingdom using a whole host of special weapons and spells.

If either of these take your fancy, head over to the Wii Shop to download them - they're available now.