Nintendo has announced release dates for two GameCube remakes that have been reworked in widescreen and revamped specifically with Wii controls in mind.

Pikmin and Mario Power Tennis fans will be delighted to see the return of their favourites on 6 February and 6 March respectively under the "New Play Control" branding.

Exactly the same as the original, New Play Control! Pikmin is a real-time strategy adventure that sees you take control of a spaceman called Captain Olimar who has crash-landed on an unusual planet.

Olimar must collect 30 sections of his crashed vessel which have been scattered across the planet in his crash. Luckily the flower-like Pikmin creatures are there to help, and each type with its different strengths, such as being able to withstand high temperatures or destroy obstacles.

You must choose Pikmin suitable for the task at hand, and can control up to 100 Pikmin at any one time - individually, in groups or in a big army of 100.

The new Wii version of the title sees an updated save mechanism which allows you to restart play from any day you please so you can retry a particularly difficult challenge, plus the Wii Remote makes it easier to choose, group and order Pikmin to help you.

The New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis gives you the chance to pick up a racket and play as your favourite character from Mario World.

There are also a range of courts that you can choose from, including Gimmick courts which will feature elements that will affect play - such as ghosts in Luigi's Mansion court.

The central mode of the game is Tournament mode, which is split between matches on regular and Gimmick courts. Winning tournaments will unlock new characters, courts and gameplay styles for you to show off in Exhibition mode. There are also tennis mini-games for you to try out as well.

Play in single player mode and choose your opponent and their ability, or go head to head with your friends in singles or doubles in a split screen affair, using the Wii Remote in the same way you use it in Wii Sport Tennis.

If the news of these two classics making a Wii debut excites, you can look forward to Pikmin 2 and Donkey Kong Jungle Beat making their way to the New Play Control! series as well. We'll get you more details as and when they are released.