When Nintendo's Wii console was first released, the Internet was awash with pictures of Wii-related injuries and accidents. We've seen black eyes and broken TVs galore, but killing the family dog is a new one on us.

A woman in Michigan was playing Wii Bowling with her daughter when the dog jumped up at her as she went to bowl. She accidentally hit the dog in the temple at full force, apparently killing it on impact.

Thankfully, a neighbour came over and after doing a bit of canine CPR, mananged to bring the dog back to life. He was then rushed to the vet who informed the family the dog was suffering from brain swelling and was in cardiac arrest.

Everyone loves a happy ending, and the family report that the dog is now on the road to full recovery. Awww.

The video above is the local news report with the family, who apparently want to warn people about the dangers of Wii-related pet deaths.