Konami has announced a new game due out later in the year that will utilise the Wii Balance Board.

Called Marbles! Balance Challenge, the skill-based action title will see gamers trying to help an ant called Anthony save his colony by locating the mythical "Golden Sunflower Seed".

To do this, gamers will be put through a series of physical tests whereby they have to steer a marble through a course by shifting their weight on the Balance Board.

There are a total of 100 specially-created stages for Balance Board users, but there are also 200 different stages that can be played using gentle movements of the Wii Remote instead.

As you'd expect, as you progress through the levels, the designs get more complex and include houses, mountains, deserts and even a space station to make your way around.

In addition to rolling through the different stages, players will have to collect parts needed to extend and repair the roads they travel along too.

The game features multi-player compatibility of up to four players, with an edit mode as well that allows users to create their own stages and share them with friends over the Nintendo Wii Connect 24 service.

Marbles! Balance Challenge for Wii will be released on 30 April, and will set you back £24.99.