A Nintendo Wii console may have been top of many people's wish lists this Christmas, but one man in the States certainly wasn't happy when he unwrapped his on Christmas day.

Police had to be called to a residence in Boston on Christmas Day, after Heath Blom, 26, began arguing with his girlfriend Randi Young, 24, because she teased him for not liking the Wii.

Blom had apparently been upset that he received Nintendo's console from his grandmother, rather than the remote-controlled aeroplane he asked for.

However, it was when his girlfriend started calling him names for not liking the Wii that he became angry.

The argument escalated and allegedly ended up with Young being dragged down two flights of stairs by her hair, and Blom with a black eye.

Both Blom and Young were arrested for misdemeanour "domestic-related" assault charges.

Ricky Young said Blom and his daughter "fight like little kids" adding, "but to fight on Christmas, of all days. That’s crazy".

So the cause of the fight wasn't slightly crazy then?