Wii-gamers in the States are getting pretty fed up with delays from Harmonix, first with delays of Rock Band 2, and now with delays on its DLC.

The game was eventually released on Nintendo's platform on 18 December. Three months after the other versions were available.

Now downloadable songs, confirmed in October and promised to arrive alongside the title, are also delayed until some time in 2009.

To ease the anger of Rock Band fans swamping forums with Harmonix hate-mail, the company has promised that the content is "in the final testing stages" and will be available "as early in 2009 as possible".

Wii gamers can expect the free 20-song pack that was available for the 360 and PS3 versions, as well as 30 downloadable tracks from the original Rock Band DLC library, to be first up for grabs.

Of course, Rock Band 2 is still an Xbox 360 exclusive over this side of the pond, so no such delays for us. It's a bittersweet victory.