Rock Band 2 for Wii will finally be released in the US today, three months after the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were released.

Harmonix has apologised to the Wii owners for the delay on the official forums.

A member of the development team wrote: "We want to apologise for the delay in getting Rock Band 2 onto the Wii and to reaffirm that we believe that Wii is an amazing and unique fit for Rock Band 2, and one that we care deeply about getting right".

He also commended Harmonix's partners at Pi Studios in Houston for their hard work in getting the game to Wii, saying the team there "literally worked through a hurricane to bring this game in before the holidays".

"Going forward, it is our ambition to release future games on Wii simultaneously with releases on the other platforms".

The game will be compatible with the existing Wii instrument controllers and will be supported by a DLC catalogue set to grow "exponentially" after it is launched.

Of course this is all bitter sweet news for Wii users in Europe - Rock Band 2 is an Xbox 360 exclusive over here.