Nintendo is getting ready to launch the new DSi Ware game download service in Japan on Christmas Eve.

Titles available on 24 December will include Moving Memo Book, a game which will allow you to use your DSi to take notes and make comic strips using the camera. Even better, it's free.

For 200 Nintendo Points, there will be a number of games to choose from, such as the Paper Airplane game originally seen in Made in Wario, and Birds and Beans. There are also three games based around Magic Taizen, named Funny Face, Scary Numbers and Three Shuffle Games.

For a little bit more, at the 500 Points mark, you'll find A Little Dr. Mario and Simple Trumps, a selection of card games.

Finally there are a couple of Art Style games - Aquario and Decode - and Utsusu Made in Wario, a game which lets you use a picture of yourself for your character in a number of mini-games.

All the titles on offer are coming straight from Nintendo, with no third-party games on offer just yet. There's no news on when we can expect DSi Ware in Europe, let alone the console itself.