You may remember the rumours of a DS pedometer peripheral after it was seen in a Japanese advert for the DSi.

However, an announcement for new Nintendo game Walk with Me! confirms that DS Lite users will be able to get in on the walking action too.

The game is set to be launched across Europe on 20 February, and aims to help its users get into your their personal walking regime.

The game comes with two specially designed pedometers called Activity Meters that measures your steps.

The Activity Meter goes wherever you go, in your bag or pocket, and measures your activity throughout the day. You can set daily walking targets with a basic setting of 3,000 steps which can be increased each day to suit your activity levels.

The data is collected and stored on the Activity Meter for up to seven days which you then transfer onto your DS to track your progress. Simply point the Activity Meter at the Nintendo DS like a TV remote control and with one click of the button, your data will be sent by infrared signal.

You can even store data for up to four users so you can compare your activity with other members of the family.

To encourage you to walk more, there a number of mini-games to help motivate you. Your collected steps can unlock trivia and create images, and you can even find out how much electrical energy you would have generated for the day.

Using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, users send their step data to compare with people all over the world. World rankings are updated every Sunday so you can see how you're doing.

No pricing has been announced as yet, but you will be able to get hold of it from 20 February 2009.