As if we didn't know already, Nintendo is having a rosey Q4 despite the credit crunch, and it would seem it's doing just as well in the States as it is in the UK.

NPD stats for November suggest that the platform sold 3.6 million pieces of hardware in the US during the month, with Wii consoles making up two million of this number. This represents the Wii's strongest ever non-December performance.

The DS clocked up a similarly impressive performance with its second highest non-December total ever with 1.56 million units.

Overall, Nintendo's sales account for two thirds (66%) of all November hardware sales in the territory. This takes lifetimes sales of the two consoles to 15.4 million for the Wii and 24.6 million for the DS.

"Nintendo’s record-breaking sales demonstrate that consumers are looking for the best value not only among video games, but also among all entertainment options", said Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing Cammie Dunaway.

"Shoppers are looking for gifts that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and Nintendo provides an incomparable range of experiences that gets the whole family involved".

It seems those analysts that predicted Nintendo would be hit hardest in the economic slump could be eating their words now.