Nintendo has managed to stack up seven million sales of its Wii console in Japan alone, Japanese publisher Enterbrain has announced.

This figure covers all sales from its launch in December 2006 until November 23rd this year.

However, what's interesting is that despite the impressive numbers, it seems sales in the region are slowing quite significantly.

The Wii hit 5 million sales in January this year, and 6 million in May, but then took six months to reach the final million to make up the 7 million.

The flagging sales of the Wii in Japan reflect the poor sales of the DS Lite in the region, which has led Nintendo to concentrate the launch of the new DSi there.

Despite this, demand for the Wii console in the UK and US on the run up the Christmas is set to be as popular as last year, with shortfalls already projected before the holiday season is out.