Nintendo's president Reggie Fils-Aime had admitted there will be a shortage of the Wii Fit peripheral this Christmas.

This problem echoes the shortage of Wii consoles last Christmas, although Reggie assures us that Nintendo is prepared for demand this time.

"With Wii hardware, I think we've got a good shot at meeting demand during the holidays," he said. "With Wii Fit, I know we'll fall short."

Talking to Forbes, Reggie also stated that he didn't think that many third-party Nintendo developers were fulfilling their potential on the Wii platform, meaning that many were unable to find success with their products.

"I will be able to say our licensees 'get it' when their very best content is on our platform," he said. "And with very few exceptions today, that's not the case."

And as for the ever-present question of price-dropping, Fil-Aime reiterated once again that despite competitior price cuts, Nintendo has no plans to follow suit with the Wii or DS in the near future.

However, he did acknowledge it may be a route Nintendo has to take in the future.

"At some point, it will be time to adjust the [price]," he said, "but we're nowhere near that point now."