The games in Nintendo's upcoming Play it on Wii range that are based on a number of older Gamecube titles, are set to be more than just straightforward ports to the new console.

In fact, the Play It line-up that includes titles such as Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Pikmin, is to be re-designed to incorporate the different gameplay of Nintendo Wii, as well as some content changes to the titles as well.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat will see more check points, repositioned enemies and new stages not seen in the original GameCube game, and will also incorporate motion controls for a few moves such as when punching at enemies and performing continuous jumps.

Pikmin has had no new content announced as yet, but will see a completely new control scheme instead.

These first two Play It Wii titles are due out in Japan in December, with no European dates announced as yet.