EA is set to make its debut in the Wii fitness marketplace, but will do so without the use of the Wii Balance Board, unlike many competitor games.

EA Sports Active will instead see players strapping the Wiimote and Nunchuk to their body, and also use the included resistance bands.

EA Sports president Peter Moore has stressed that anyone hoping for a Wii Fit type of experience from the new game, can think again. He wants to make you sweat.

"It's a completely different fitness experience," he stated. "There's a different philosophy between the East and West about what fitness means, and Wii Fit does very well with some of what I'll call the Eastern philosophy of fitness, which is balance and coordination. But you're rarely in danger of breaking a sweat and getting your heart rate up. It's just not intended for that.

"So we immediately started building the product with a view to having a condensed time period in which you can get your heart rate up. It will measure your calories burned. It will measure time as you're doing things."

To help EA along the way, the company has enlisted a celebrity endorser in an attempt to help boost sales.

"Bob Greene, who is Oprah's trainer, is endorsing the game and is helping us build the game out," Moore added. "He obviously will be a big link to that consumer, which is important to us, and we can talk about that in a moment. Then there'll be regular iterations of software updates that might be sports specific, or it might be body part specific, like your lower body, your upper body."

No word on when we can expect it as yet, but we'll keep you updated.