Nintendo has announced that it will be adding a "stylish" new series of Wii games to WiiWare, starting from the end of next week.

The idea behind Nintendo's Art Style series is simple yet highly playable games with striking audio-visuals.

There are currently three games that have been announced - Cubello, Rotohex and Orbient - all of which take advantage of the unique Wii controls.

Two of the three Art Style titles – Rotohex and Orbient – have been redesigned for Wii with updated graphics and other improvements, after having first been released in Japan as part of the Bit Generations series.

Cubello on the other hand, is an entirely new addition for the Art Style series on Wii.

Laurent Fischer, managing director for European marketing and PR for Nintendo of Europe said: "When creating the Art Style games, developers have taken their inspiration from a huge range of sources as they wanted to give the designers the chance to express themselves and the opportunity to experiment with these games.

"The result is a series that is fiendishly addictive and will keep players hooked as they challenge themselves and their friends to solve the puzzles the games create."

In Cubello, the idea is to eliminate cubes from a rotating "cluster" by launching matching coloured cubes at it, while in Rotohex your aim is to build coloured hexagons by rotating the falling triangular panels in to place and clear them from the grid.

Orbient sees you taking control of gravity to guide a rogue star through the galaxy, absorbing blue stars as you go to make yourself bigger, but all while avoiding deadly obstacles like asteroids and black holes.

The games will launch consecutively over the coming weeks, starting from 21st November, and will cost 600 Wii Points each from the Wii Shop.