Nintendo is set to produce a number of WarioWare titles, specifically designed for the DSi handheld.

Nintendo president Saturo Iwata announced the news, which will see titles headed for the upcoming DS download service, DSiWare.

Although we'll see some popular Game Boy Advance titles making a move over to DSi, there are also some original games planned, with one announced that will make use of the DSi's in-built camera.

WarioWare: Photograph will see players setting their handheld on a table and standing back so they can see themselves on the screen. Similar to Sony's EyeToy, the game will then be controlled by the movement of the player.

Also announced is WarioWare: Myself, that will allow users to create their own mini-games.

Iwata has also said Nintendo plans to publish utilities for the DSi on the DSiWare service, including things such as a calculator and mapping programme.