Now we know we can expect to see Wii Music on our shelves on November 14th, Nintendo has also released a few more details about what we can expect from the game.

There will be 50 included tracks that you can recreate with over 60 instruments. These will include tunes that span everything from pop to classic gaming numbers like Super Mario Bros. As for the instruments, you'll be able to experiment with things such as steel drums, saxophone and even a barking dog. Interesting.

The main game mode in Wii Music for creating your musical masterpieces is called "Jam". Split into Improvise, Quick Play and Custom Jam modes, you play as part of the six-member band, with the remaining instruments controlled by the Wii as Tute characters.

Improvise mode will give you the chance to get to grips with the instruments, rehearse and master different playing styles, while Quick Play creates a totally randomised performance where all aspects of the set are chosen by the Wii. Custom Play on the other hand gives you full control, from choosing a musical style for the Tute accompaniment, to setting the speed, instruments and deciding where to perform.

Once you've finished your song, it can be saved as a video clip, personalised with its own record sleeve and uploaded to be shared with friends over WiiConnect24.

There are several other mini-games for you to play around with too, such as the Virtual Drum Kit with 15 interactive drumming lessons and free play, and the Wii Music Pitch Perfect music quiz which will test you on your knowledge of music fundamentals over eight levels. There's also the option of conducting an orchestra, that allows up to four players to conduct at once.

There are tutorials to help you improve all your playing techniques, arranging tracks and aural training, so you'll learn how to improvise with tracks rather than simply reproduce the original.