The Nintendo Points card announced alongside the DSi last week, will be able to be used on content for Nintendo's new handheld, or the Wii - but not split between both.

Originally called Wii Points, the name changed to Nintendo Points with the announcement that they will also be able to spent in the DSi store when it launches.

The points cards come in 1000, 3000 and 5000 points amounts, and can be spent over a number of different purchases. However once you have spent some of your points on a title for the Wii for example, the card will then be dedicated to the Wii Shop. Make sense?

The reason behind this rather annoying system is that customer shopping information for the Wii is stored on the console rather than online, and without a online account system Nintendo has said that there would be no way that customers could share their points between consoles.

Here's an idea Nintendo. Make one?