Square Enix has confirmed that it is working on a new Final Fantasy title, exclusively for Nintendo Wii and its handheld sibling, the DS.

Shonen Jump magazine first held news of the new game, rumoured to be titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time.

The game is reportedly able to play on both machines at once thanks to the new Pollux engine, meaning one person can be playing on the Wii and another join in on the DS in link-up play reminiscent to that of FF on Gamecube and GBA.

Game mechanics are expected to change slightly from other versions in the series, to accomodate the stylus and Wii remote, but the core gameplay is thought will remain much the same.

Mii characters will also feature in the game too, with a possibility that they could be transferred on to the DS too.

The news came via a Square Enix representative commenting on the Shonen Jump story, saying: "It's not "officially" announced yet, but yes, it's for real."

Anyone who was looking forward to Final Fantasy: Crystal Bearers need not worry - it is understood that this is still being released and that the new title is simply another addition to the series.

No word on release date for the new game but we'll get you more information when we hear anything