It seems we could be getting confirmation of an updated version of the DS console sooner than expected, in a press conference to be held tomorrow morning.

Satoru Iwata will make the announcement at 5am UK time, although exactly what the machines new functions will be is not known.

However, it has been confirmed that the product will be the "multimedia" model that has been banded about the internet over the past week, rumoured to feature an MP3 player and built-in camera.

The launch date and price are still purely speculative, but to avoid poor Christmas sales, we would expect we will see it before December.

Although the latest figures in the UK show that Nintendo's handheld is one of the highest selling consoles in the territory, the DS has seen falling sales figures in Japan, which - it's thought - is where Nintendo will be primarily focussing its attention with this release.

Check back tomorrow for all the details on the new DS.