It seems Nintendo may be working on an official Wii pedometer peripheral, after an effort resembling New Concept's Wii Jog was seen on the European trademark registry OAMI.

Wii Jog plugs into the Wiimote and Nunchuk and counts the number of steps you take while playing the game. You have to jog on the spot to move your in-game character across deserts and away from enemies in a number of mini-games designed to get your legs working.

The peripheral is listed on as having a late October release, and is priced at £14.99.

The object put to OAMI by Nintendo reportedly looks very similar to the Wii Fit - a small white plastic box - although there are no further details that can confirm or deny what it actually is.

Nintendo as always have been tight-lipped about the whole situation, but we'll keep you in the loop with any information we receive.

Wii Fanboy has some videos of Wii Jog in motion, and a PS2 version is already available from Amazon in limited quantities according to New Concept's PRs.